Solving troubled projects, critical situations, and crises has been the core of my work in the last 20 years of my professional live. I now make this to my main business: „Enabling people and organizations in professional task force crisis management.“ 

It’s s needed more and more: Faster and riskier changes of technologies, processes and how people work together in a complex world. This increases the number of troubled situations in organizations and after one crisis the next is ahead.

All leaders, emoployees and teams can unlock their full potential – onsite and online – for an effective, problem solving and agile collaboration.

Personal Expertise

Dr. Christian Braun

Leadership Expertise as CIO in two Banks, Program Lead across several countries, Head of Department in the Premium Automotive and Financial Industry, consultant, strategist and project manager in IT and processes did challenge me with many difficult situations and crises in corporate as well as in mid-sized organizations. This  helped me to learn what is relevant for an effective task force crisis management.

People Expertise based on leadership experiences in national and international teams from business to IT, solid educations such as systemic coach & consultant, Harward University approved change manager and holacracy practitioner helps me enabling people towards a collaborative and problem solving culture along the digital transformation. I am capable of Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management Planning, Task Force Crisis Management and creating a Problem Solving Organization.

Technology Expertise in Business IT, digitalization of processes, and data management made me dealing with many critical situations across the globe in strategy developments, IT-Management issues and troubles in operational performances. It has made me very familiar with traditional ERP-systems as well as with all kinds of innovative technologies such as Cloud, mashine learning or business platforms, outsourcing, regulations and IT-Security

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