Critical situations or crises happen in organizations more and more as the digital transformation leads to an ongoing change of processes. Many times people are stuck in concepts, strategies, projects, or even in operational crisis. Using UNLOC as task force crisis management, teams have successfully solved many critical situations and crises.

Stuck Situations in Strategies, Concepts, Projects

Are you stuck in conceptual work or strategies? You have ideas, but you do not know how to start. You might start, but have no alignment with your major stakeholders. You are not able to sell your vision to higher management. Or your project is not really moving. How to sort and clear? How to create momentum for everybody? With UNLOC, I did see many teams getting back on track with their concepts, strategies and projects.

Crisis Management in Critical Situations

A pandemic world is hitting all organizations and puts them into crisis mode – at least for some time. Still the future way of longterm online collaboration is not sorted out. There was and still is no easy to use blueprint for crisis management. After a crisis is before a crisis. I saw UNLOC enabling professional task force crisis management with proper lessons learned and optimized preparations for the future.

Critical Situations in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation leaves no time for well approved process changes. You adjust your processes along the way of improving. There are increasing risks of more critical situations in between: Problems in daly operational perfomance  like stucked services, leaving customers, puzzled employees. UNLOC has shown to be a the successful task force crisis management to solve these problems always fast and sustainably.

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