Task Force Crisis Management in Digital Transformation

Dr. Christian Braun

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„The growing number of troubled situations, complex problems and crises along the digital transformation of organizations in our highly  interactive world requests professional task force crisis management capabilities. Unlock the power of your leaders, employees and teams in your organization in successfully dealing with troubles!“

Task Force Management

Task Force Management

Task force management is project management in extreme. It is unplanned, agile, design-thinking and complex problem solving. It is an art and needs to become the every day business more and more. How can you make professional task force management a valid capability in your organization? 

Crisis Management


Increasing interdependencies in society, business, and technologies will bring crisis to organization more and more.  They better have a business continuity and crisis management plan in place. They need to learn from the last crisis and be prepared for the one. Crisis management is task force management in extreme.

Digital Transformation

Crisis Management

Digital transformation means ongoing and fast changes of operational processes by new technologies, concepts, strategies and projects. More problems and critical situations pop up. Organizations need task force crisis management capabilities to develop a problem solving culture.

Becoming a Problem Solving Company

Crisis management and task force management are neccessary capabilities in the digital transformation – especially in more and more online working contexts. Yet most orgnaizations only follow a „muddling through“ approach. Important processes, concepts, strategies or projects get stuck. Crises even endanger the existence of the company. Think of business continuity management and crisis management preparation and then enable your leaders, employees and teams with a professional task force crisis management and develop your organization towards a problem solving culture.

UNLOCK is a professional task force crisis management approach for effective collaboration in critical situations and crises.

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Task Force Crisis Management

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